Dude, Where Is My Beer?

A point and click old-school adventure game about finding a Pilsner in a world of craft beer and hipsters? I may have to put my IPA down for a moment to play this on Steam (when the game is ready for play).

In case you haven’t heard of it, Steam is an online pc game platform where developers can create, play, and discuss pc games.

The site hosts thousands of games and one has caught the attention of the beer geek world (peripherally saw it on @WorstBeerBlog’s feed, to be honest). That game being “Dude, Where Is My Beer?”

I have never been on Steam before and this is the first game that might actually get me on there. The game is not actually live yet, but you can put it on your Steam wishlist so you’re ready when it is.

You can find out all ya need to know by checking out his website here.

It’s Good To Have Beer Goals [Issue #8 of Drinking & Thinking]

Sadly, Modern Times Brewing had a couple of sucky announcements this week. One is they are having to furlough a large part of the workforce. Second is, two of their employees tested positive for COVID-19. They don’t work in any of the taprooms, but still.

This is the first I have heard of a major indie brewery having employees test positive. Actually, it’s the first time I have heard of ANY brewery have employees test positive. This makes me think breweries are just underreporting or I’m not paying attention. Both are probably true.

I was listening to a recent episode of Trader’s Joe’s podcast Inside Trader Joe’s and they revealed that they have a Cookie Butter dessert beer in the works. It is expected to be out around September. My only thought was “What the hell took so long?”

If you want to listen, it’s Episode 27.

There is an incredibly long article/blog post at Beer Crunchers sort of about DontDrinkBeer and the amazing amount of beer (and money from raffling off the beer), he has been able to collect for charity. The charity being money to the family of Breonna Taylor and the family of Elijah McClain. He was able to raise almost $68,000. There is also a Kate Bernot article about it.

I love what he did here with his following. He must have a pretty amazing reputation with the craft brewery world too because an insane amount of folks donated beer. Incredible good use of his influence. Big cheers to this.

So this is pretty rad. Victim Of Maths unearthed a map of Great Britan but with only pubs highlighted:

London and Liverpool look insane. One of my travel dreams is to go to Ireland or anywhere in the UK really, and have some beers at legit pubs. Goals.

I love sitting. Drinking. Thinking. Listening to music while doing this is also nice. So I have been meaning to create a Spotify playlist designed for just this. In the meantime, I found one @beer_pop did that you can check out too.

One highlight is “Oblivious” from The Strokes and… well, actually there are too many to highlight, it’s a pretty damn extensive playlist. It’s going to take a lot of drinking and thinking to get through it all. I’m here for that.

Okay cool, I’m Mikey Seay and I hope you enjoyed issue #8 of Drinking & Thinking! The goal is to have issues in your inbox every other Saturday, working to a goal of every Saturday.

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Cheers and be safe out there!


Is This Good Marketing?: “Extra Guac” from Magnify Brewing

The name is damn catchy. “Extra Guac” by New Jersey’s, Magnify Brewing.

First thought is “Ohahha geezz, what the hell?! They are out there making guacamole IPAs now? Sick, dude.” [Also, I kinda want to try it]

But, this beer name comes with a disclosure from Magnify “Made with no avocados.” So it’s not actually an Avocado IPA. It’s a juicy DDH DIPA, hopped with Idaho 7, Mosaic, Amarillo and Huell Melon.

Sometimes you have to treat yo self – go ahead and order that extra side of guac even though it’s an extra charge.

Magnify Brewing

It’s just a name with avocado infused can-art. But, as you might have guessed, the name and can-art brought much confusion on Magnify’s Instagram feed.

“What’s in this, lol?”
“Intrigued.” (this indicates they think there is guac in the beer)
“I want to try this. Also, I really want to try a guac beer now.”
“Why no avocado?”

We mention it all the time on the Perfect Pour, never put the name of an ingredient in the beer name unless it really does taste like the thing you say is in there. It tends to annoy users and make the brewery’s social media manager work overtime.

So, I then ask “Is this good marketing?”

Yes. It is.

As much as it pains me to say it because I am one of the people that get annoyed as hell when a beer name does not match what is in the beer. But, Magnify has a good social manager that was prepared for the reactions and, if this beer would have been some random IPA name, I would not have noticed it.

So, yep, good marketing, even if it’s annoying.

For what it is worth, this batch of Extra Guac seems to be better than previous as it is getting a much higher rating than a batch that appeared to come out earlier in the year. Right now it’s averaging better than a 4 on Untappd.

I am looking out for it. And now want to try a Guacamole Porter.

I Drank From A Bag of Beer Today

What a bag of beer looks like

I’m a simple man. I like my showers hot and my beer from a bag.

So, um yeah, I drank a bag of beer today. Well, I didn’t drink it in one sitting. I’m not a monster.

Whilst looking for lunch options on Door Dash, BJ’s Brewhouse came up. I couldn’t help but notice the beer. Beer delivery was an option.

I was needing to get beer today and wasn’t looking forward to leaving the house. And now I’m staring at a beer menu with beer that could be on my front door in 30 minutes and I don’t have to leave the front porch today?!

I’m doing it.

It cost $20 (plus $2 for the container), for a 128-ounce plastic bag of fermented liquid.

Piranha Pale is not one of my favorite beers. It can be okay in the restaurant. Kinda in the same ballpark as a Sierra Nevada Pale, but maltier.

But BEER FROM A BAG! Brought to my door 30 minutes after I ordered it! That’s cool, right? Cool enough, pal.

Is is better than a beer from a growler or crowler? Well, no. But it’s slightly cheaper than getting a growler. Almost the same price as a crowler.

The beer tastes the same as from a growler. At this point, I have so many growlers lying around accomplishing nothing, it’s kinda nice not adding to the collection.

Here I am pouring some:

It actually pours easier than a crowler does.

If you run across beer bags somewhere, I recommend it. For delivery for sure.

Fun conversation piece plus you get the same beer you would from a growler so, why not?

What I Need To Be Comfortable At A Taproom During A Pandemic

The Solemn Oath Community Beer Garden does look inviting

I’m still not sure about all this. Breweries and beer bars letting people actually sit down and hang, when things are still shit. But, the COVID-Keg has been tapped, people are going to drink.

I still think staying home is the best option BUT if I do head out to a brewery and sit down to have something hoppy, here are things I will need to feel RELATIVELY comfortable:

  • The brewery has been taking this pandemic seriously the whole time.
  • Outdoor area for sitting or standing.
  • Workers wearing masks when around beer or serving area.
  • Actively see wiping down of surfaces after use.
  • All patrons wearing masks when they are not drinking.

If all five are not there, I’m not staying and I’m probably not picking up beer to take home either, ya filthy animals.

You people know that if you stay long enough youz gonna need to go pee, right? The same bathroom that was a germ cesspool BEFORE the Pandemic now has ass-hats rolling through with the COVID.

Early on they talked about Heard Immunity and how more than 60% of the population needed to contract this virus for us to achieve this “immunity”. I’m trying to keep in that 40%, y’all.

Another thing to think about before you head out to social closeness

Maybe you start off focused on staying six feet away and sanitizing and all that. Then you’re a couple beers in. You are getting loose. Unfocussed. Start seeing people you know and missed. You get chatty. Have another beer.

Now you’re entering the “hugging and hanging on your bro’s shoulder” phase of your buzz. You might even go off into a dark corner to make-out with some rando bearded fellow.

Hell, maybe you lick a table to make everyone laugh at your antics and as a middle finger to COVID-19. You are now the Trent Reznor of the Corona Virus, hurting yourself to see if you still feel.

I don’t trust myself. I’ll stick to picking up beer and running home to my personal beer garden to drink it.