The Best Beer Journals and Notebooks For Beer Geeks

Beer journal drawings

Best Notebook and tasting journals for a Beer Geek.

While most people use Untappd for their beer journaling and tasting notes, putting pen to paper is still a thing us beer geeks do. In fact, we can do both. We’re multitalented with our drinking that way.

Maybe you’re looking for gifts for beer lovers or you’re a home brewer looking for a proper recipe journal or just need a new beer journal, this is the post for you.

You can get real simple and have something for just writing down basic beer stats, or you can do some advanced sketchnotes like the one pictured at the top by Catherine Madden.

I have gathered the best beer notebook options for you, so let’s see what looks good.

The Moleskine Beer Journal

This is part of Moleskine’s “Passion” series of notebooks. Moleskine is my favorite brand of notebook to use, it would make sense to get this one.

Moleskine Beer Journal

It says on Amazon there is only six left. Not sure if that is a ploy to get you to buy it and then as soon as you do there is still magically one again. They don’t seem to be producing it anymore so this may be a collector’s item.

It has popped up on too, but it comes and goes.


  • Beer-themed shapes embossed on its cover.
  • Traditional Moleskine stickers but with a beer theme.
  • Five themed sections for tasting notes.
  • Section for notes about the place you purchased your beer.
  • Glossary for beer tips.
  • Has 240 pages and is large format size 5 x 8.25 inches.

The price in the past has been $20 to $25. But if it’s becoming this rare, that price is probably a steal now. At the time I am writing this it is $29.00 on Amazon.

I got one as a gift and opened it on my YouTube channel:

Using a simple blank Moleskine can work too if you like to set-up things yourself. Find a template that works for you and copy it.

The Craft Beer Tasting Logbook

Beer Tasting Logbook

If you’re not looking to spend a lot, want something that will go in your pocket and want to keep it simple, this might be your logbook.


  • Pocket size.
  • Beginner tips on tasting.
  • Resources for pairing beer with food.
  • Themed for World Beers.

Check the price on Amazon.

Field Notes Drink Local

This sucks. It is sold out on the Fieldnotes website. Long gone. I love Field Notes almost as much as Moleskine so I really would like to get my hands on this somehow. I know Field Notes will sometimes bring a notebook back, so there is always hope.

OH WAIT! I found one on Amazon and it is in its original packaging! Kinda pricey though. Check it out. I also found one in black.


  • It’s a Field Notes brand so it’s automatically cool.
  • 3 Ales books. 3 Lager books.
  • 2 Field Notes Coasters.

Even if it’s limited run and kinda pricey, you can gawk at it at least:

33 Bottles Of Beer Tasting Journal

This is rad because I had not known about these until I set out to write about and research beer tasting notebooks, and I totally want one now!

The 33 Books are in the style of Field Notes; fit in your pocket and have a caring design. In fact, these appeal to me even more as it is just one dude in Portland [OR] making them.

33 Books Beer Journal

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The Best Beer Notebooks On Etsy

Etsy beer journals

Crafty and custom, those are the notebooks you’ll find on Etsy. You could go down a big beer hole looking at notebooks on Etsy, so I gathered a few of the coolest ones to maybe make things easier.

Stamp Out Personalized Beer Log
This does not have bells nor whistles inside, just ruled paper. But you can get a custom cover.

& So They Made Beer Grain Notebook
Yep. They used brewers grain to create these. You can also customize the cover and they come in the colors of Pilsner, Ale and Bock.

Gumball Head Recycled Beer Notebook
Made from a six-pack carrier of Gumball Head from Three Floyds (a damn nice beer). Damn cool if you’re a fan of Three Floyds, of which I am because they are so metal.

Gumball Head beer notebook

Paper Doxie Sierra Nevada Beer Coaster Notebook
The size of these makes them kinda impractical. They are made out of coasters and they have the metal rings so it would be difficult to put in your pocket even though they are small. But they have Sierra Nevada Brewing beers for covers, which makes them cool.

Explore more beer notebooks on Etsy here.

The Home Brew Journal

home brewing logbook

Made for home brewers. This is another ‘tasting room head turner’ because it’s leather… errr, actually it’s something called PU leather, which is super close to leather and supposedly feels nice.


  • Batch tracking.
  • Hipster look.
  • Unit conversion table.
  • Hop chart.
  • Yeast strain chart.
  • Alcohol by volume chart.
  • Glassware reference chart.

Check it on Amazon.

I Love Brewing Beer Notebook

Kinda had a hard time finding what this one looks like on the inside. It seems to be just ruled notebook paper. So you’re pretty much buying it for the cover. Which, at $9.00, isn’t that bad a thing.

Buy it or just look at it on

Documenting Your Drinking Makes It Okay

The best thing about most of these journals is they are not expensive so it doesn’t hurt to experiment. And they last a lot longer than you think, meaning, you don’t fill them up as quick as you do a cheap grocery store notebook.

I used to buy those cheap $3.00 notebooks at the grocery store and think “Why would I spend $18 for some hardcover notebook?” But I would go through those quickly, they fall apart eventually and look and feel cheap.

Once you get yourself a solid notebook, it makes you want to step up your game. It just feels right. And you won’t go back to $3 college lined notebooks again.

Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what notebook you bought or what one you are already using.



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