Are you old enough to remember when blogrolls were a thing? It’s a list of blogs and websites that a reader of YOUR blog might be into – helping the reader and your fellow blogger. It’s something we used to do back in the day.

Well, here are the best beer blogs and sites I have found so far. Hope you enjoy them! 🍻



  • Tabs Out – experimental cassette tape/music review & podcast, site.
  • Austin Kleon – I get a lot of creative inspiration from this guy.
  • Snakes and Ladders – some architecture and blogging and a lot of things.
  • Take Note – blog and podcast about having a notebook.
  • Disquiet – this week in sound.
  • Post Secret – creative postcards from people that tell a secret they never have told.
  • The Fresnan – Shameless plug of my other blog. It’s my observations about the city of Fresno.
  • The Payphone Project – documenting the slow demise of payphones in the New York area.

I will continue to update as I find/remember more I like. If you have an active or historically important beer blog that is not listed, let me know.

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