Anatomy Of A Hangover

25 West IPA

The drinking started on an empty stomach. That was my first mistake.

I ate a packed lunch of salami, cheese, Cheese-Its, cookies and water (in that order) at 11:30 in the morning. Drank a diet soda around 3:00. Don’t be jealous of me.

Once off work, at 5:30, we went to a new beer bar by my house, Out Of The Barrel. Here was my playlist:

Beer One: 25 West from Moonraker Brewing.

  • Clear IPA
  • 6.6% ABV
  • I rated it a 4.
  • Full pour

Beer Two: Some Grass from Moonraker Brewing.

  • Hazy IPA
  • 7% ABV
  • I rated it a 4
  • Full pour

Beer Three: Unknown: It was either Yeastbound & Down from Moonraker, or Tiger Uppercut from Fieldwork (I guess I wasn’t paying close attention).

  • Hazy IPA
  • 8% or 8.5% ABV
  • Rated…4.2?
  • 12oz pour

The Out Of The Barrel drinking stops. There is some relaxing. I buy a four-pack of Humble Sea’s Coast Malone.

Humble Sea Brewing

No water was drunk although I kept telling myself to get one and I usually am a big believer in hydrating while drinking.

Then we walk to Whole Foods and I get tortilla soup from the hot bar. I pay over $10. Yikes. Don’t buy heavy things from the Whole Foods hot bar, is the advice there, I guess. Good soup though.

Later at home, I have one of the Coast Malones I purchased earlier.

  • Humble Sea Brewing
  • Hazy IPA
  • 6.8% ABV
  • 16oz can.

I remember it being delicious but it was my fourth IPA style beer of the night and I need to have it again with a blank palette. Here is what some of my Untappd friends have to say about Coast Malone:

Humble Sea Brewing Coast Malone

I go to bed at 12:30 after a small bowl of Cheerios and a partial glass of water.

At 4:30 AM I wake up with a hangover building. I take two Advils, drink some water and go back to bed. I wake up at 7:45 AM and there it is… a hangover.

I drink water. Coffee. Have a sausage biscuit from Starbucks. More coffee. I write this blog post. Hangover level is a 6 (10 being the worst).

Why Did This Happen?

First, I did not drink enough water during the day. It was too low of a level even if I had planned on not drinking.

Second, I did not build a base. I started drinking on an empty stomach.

Third, I did not drink water while I was drinking my beers.

Forth, I did not drink enough water or take any Advil BEFORE going to bed.

All those mistakes equal to a slightly above average hangover. I am smarter than this. I know all these things to prevent a hangover yet, sometimes, I completely ignore my own knowledge and get a hangover.

I hope this helps you one day prevent a mild or large hangover.

Or, be like me, ignore your brain and buy tortilla soup from Whole Foods after a night of drinking.

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