Saturday Drinking Thread: Hurricane Beers Edition

I have been experimenting the past couple weekends with these kind of posts. A mix of live-blog, drinking forecasting and buzzed journaling. Even though it hasn’t taken off yet, I kinda like doing them so I’ll keep it up for now.

We give so much of our writing and energy to posting on other peoples sites (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Untappd bla bla bla…), sometimes it’s nice to keep that energy on your own blog, ya know?

I will be updating this blog post throughout the day (when time allows) so just check back in occasionally by hitting refresh on your browser when you have the post pulled up. Comments are open to you as well if you ever feel the need to ad something.


  • High chance of buzz rolling in by afternoon as no events outside of the house are planned. No need to drive anywhere once errands are done and no serious family needs predicted at this time.
  • Just enough beer budget today to supply a full Saturday of drinking.
  • Events to watch: Hurricane Ida approach Gulf states. Oakland A’s game vs. Yanks. Fresno State Football season opening game. New episode of Ted Lasso. SNL repeat at 11:30 PM.
  • I am in California, all times are PST.


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Beer Journaling: Single Beer Depression


I am in a down mood this evening. There is nothing abnormally bad going on with life. Yes, there are things but there are ALWAYS things, ya know?

So, what the hell is going on?!

Well, part of it may be that I have only ONE fresh beer in the fridge. One 16oz IPA. And it’s Monday.

I could go out now and get more I guess but I am home from work and picking up child from practice, and dinner is done, and I just don’t want to go back out and stand in a line.

So I’m stuck with my one damn beer.

Some would say I am an alcoholic if I’m totally bummed that I have only one beer to look forward to. I guess they would be right, from a certain point of view.

Really though, I’m just bummed that my potential of having fun with beer is so limited.

Please, if you can, have a buzz for me tonight.

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LIVE BLOG!: Saturday Night Drinking Thread – AUG 21

Greetings! Happy Saturday to you (or Sunday?for those on the other side).

I will be live-blogging my drinking tonight the best I can.

For you kids that missed the good old days of blogging, a live-blog is a rolling update of some sort of event that is contained within a blog post. You will have to refresh this page to see any updates.

Comments are open if you want to make fun if me at any point. I plan on updating occasionally well into the night. Hope you enjoy!


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Beer Drinking Forecast For Friday August 20 – 22nd

This is my first attempt at this that may urn into a regular Friday blog post: Instead of predicting how the weather will be (although the actual weather for me is in the picture above), this is a report on my drinking conditions for this weekend. An attempt to predict what my beer drinking chances are.


FORECAST: Decent to good.

Working the previous Sunday has given way to having Friday off. PLUS, it’s a payday so money to buy beer will not be a concern. This normally leads to wet conditions.

BUT the only issue is I will have to pick up my kid later in the evening, so there will be no drinking early.

Possible downPOUR late in the evening.


FORECAST: Damn nice.

An open day with no plans, past yard-work. Good chance that drinking will start by 3PM with light but regular drinking-swells hitting shore and contuning late into the night.

Possible trip to Tioga Sequoia Brewing to see this:

After that or instead of, Saturday night I MIGHT do a live blog post of my drinking as I try to stay awake to watch whatever SNL rerun is on.



A light day-drinking friendly day with pool-side beers happening in the afternoon. A break in the evening for dinner and family, with drinking picking back up again in the evening as the premier of the final season of the Walking Dead is viewed.

High chance of passing out in front of the TV only watching part of the episode and having to re-watch it later.