The Worst Girl Scout Cookie To Be Made Into A Beer: Samoa

Hands down, the biggest piece of shit cookie the Girl Scouts offer are Samoas.

Tioga Sequoia made a beer with them.

I dunno, it’s probably a fine cookie, if you like coconut sprinkles on your junk. I don’t.

So I’m not trying this damn beer. Nope. Not gonna do it.

… *sighs* okay, well, maybe I’ll try it. BUT THATS IT! Just try it. Like, you know, a taster or whatever.

It’s actually a pretty cool label, the color is rad and-FUCK YOU, OKAY TIOGA!? I’m interested in your damn beer.

I’ll pick one up. (Released Friday)

Maybe the coconut is hidden way way wayyyy back there.

Next time make a Thin Mint beer.

A Focus On Fridges

For those that like alternative beer-merch, Modern Times Brewing has a $20 pack of artful playing cards for you.

Fridge Check
As beer drinkers, we like to show off our beer fridges. I used to do a Fridge Friday on Twitter and Instagram. I’d post pics of my beer fridge. But my fridge has been too lame to show off.

Anyway, I’m just leading to this New York Times quiz that’s kinda fun to take:

There was one with a 6-pack of Guinness and I guessed correctly as Biden, but really, that could have gone either way.

I guessed at a better rate than the average. I feel it’s my Fridge Friday skills paying off.


  • Uproxx asked a bunch of bartenders what their favorite craft beer is. Yes, Sierra Pale thankful made the list.
  • According to Beer and Brewing, these are the Top 50 Beers of 2020.

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Reco Of The Week

I really loved the “Other Music” documentary. I watched on Prime Video (or whatever it’s called), I think it may be available on other platforms.

I found a lot of parallels between a beloved record shop and a brewery/taproom. The way they are both community centers of that scene.

Plus, if you watch closely you’ll see one of the owners is a Dogfish Head fan.

The Size of Texas

Aaron from Austin Beer Guide, first rode down every street in Austin and now he has trekked his bike along the state lines to creat that map. Just thought it was cool.

Cheers, Aaron!

Oh, and cheers to YOU! Thanks for the read. (Sorry it was a little light this week) I really appreciate the shares and love.

Be safe out there!


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Brewery Speak: Beer Tree Brew Co

Thanks to a post I noticed by @BrianBeerGod on Instagram, I have a new brewery to look out for: Beer Tree Brew Co.

These two beers speak to me:

  • Clickbait.
  • Maps and Books.

Clickbait has a cool name and a hop called Michigan Cooper. I have never heard of this hop before but that name is rad and it makes me want to try it.

Maps and Books. I love the name for a beer. Maps? Cool. Books? Sure.

The whole vibe of this brewery speaks to me.

How I’m going to get their beer since they are in Port Crane, New York? I don’t know, since I don’t trade (too lazy).

But I have hope.

Did I Pay Too Much For This 4 Pack of Beer?: Mixed Pack of Humble Sea Brewing

How much is really too much money for a four-pack of beer?

Let’s say I paid $27.00 for this mixed 4-Pack of Humble Sea beer. …Alright, well, I actually DID pay $27. That’s before taxes and tip.

It’s was from a beer bar/bottle shop in Fresno called Out Of The Barrel. This place is only a couple blocks from my house.

Buying it a the brewery would cost $20. I don’t believe you can mix packs at the brewery. Out Of The Barrel lets you pull from same-four-packs and make your own 4-pack, if you want.

So, I am paying $7 over what I would in Santa Cruz where the Humble Sea taproom is.

Now that leaves us with one question: Did I pay too much for this beer?

Here is what some friends on Twitter think:

Well there you have it. Beer geeks don’t believe I paid too much, that’s all I need to know. I’m guessing anybody else would freak out at the price tag, but they don’t understand.

Rare beer that is really good and close by? Worth the $27.00.

Alaskan Brewing’s Beer Garden Kinda Sucks

Picture of Juneau by Sadie

I can’t take or plan any trips right now. So lately, maybe like you, I spend a lot of time drinking beer from a bag, thinking about guacamole in beer and gazing at beer gardens and taprooms from around the world, via Instagram.

“One day I will go to there.” is about all I can think or plan on.

Today I thought, “Hey, I wonder what the Alaskan Brewing beer garden looks like? I bet it’s pretty fucking gorgeous.” Juneau looks beautiful as all beautiful gets (see picture above, dude).

I bet that beer garden is a stunerrrr..

Well, kinda? I guess? … Actually, I’m disappointed.

I like the mountain thick with trees. THAT is a nice view, one I expect. But the garden? It leaves something to be desired.

Most noticeably, that green cyclone fence! It looks hideous in that environment.

I’ll accept it in an urban taproom setting from a young brewery just trying to do their best with the space they have. But not from a craft brewery in one of the prettiest spots in the world. A brewery that has been around since the 80s.

Also, the plants. Look at the sadness. They’re trying. But still.

The tables and Easy-Ups are ok-ish. But they also give off a “best we could do with $200 bucks” kinda vibe.

I have sadly never been to Alaskan Brewing’s beer garden, so I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about.

Maybe they have never had an outdoor beer garden because it’s cold as hell all the time, but they created one because of the pandemic and that’s why it’s so underwhelming.

I’m just kinda losing it because of the COVID thing and bored, and picking fights nobody cares to pick. Hi.

A good time to get reacquainted

Alaskan Brewing. Located in Juneau, Alaska. They have been around since freaking 1986 people! From what I have gathered, still owned by original owners, Marcy and Geoff Larson – a fact that is amazing to me in these days of buyouts.

The Larsons were the first people to open a brewery in Juneau since prohibition.

They sound like a wonderful example of a successful independent brewery that has never gotten too greedy or over-its-skis.

I have a new respect for them and will look out for a six-pack of theirs to pick up soon and will happily look the other way if I see a cyclone fence on the package.