Drinking Session: Rams vs Niners, Edition

“60 Days In Hell” from There Does Not Exist Brewing

This is the start of a (hopefully) series on the blog where I summarize a drinking session I have.

This one is the NFC Championship game between the San Francisco 49ers and my Los Angeles Rams.


  • 60 Days In Hell from There Does Not Exist Brewing (San Luis Obispo, CA). Helles Lager. 4.7%.
  • Cosmic Gumbo from New Glory Brewing (Sacramento, CA). Pale Ale. 5.5%.
  • Nelson’s Revenge from Revision Brewing (Sparks, NV). DIPA. 9 %.


3:30 | Start time

3 | Amount of beers

2 | Different slasas

30 | Corns chips eaten

6-8 | Mixed olives eaten

4.5 | Highest rating of the three beers (60 Days In Hell).

1 | Buzzes acquired

20-17 | Final score. Rams defeat the 49ers to win the NFC and the right to play in the S*%#r Bowl. 🎉

8:30 | Stop time

Session over. Time to take a little break and begin another one. 🍻✌️

Lager Life Can Move Pretty Fast

Tioga Sequoia’s Bridalveil Lager

Yes, beer industry people love Lagers. Straight up beer drinkers love Lagers. And I think Lagers are good. Cool. Fine.

They are “easy to drink”, aren’t they? That is a good thing…except when it is not:

Lagers go away too fast!

I just drank the Bridalveil Lager above, from Tioga Sequoia Brewing, and it is gone REALLY damn quickly. Way faster than when I have an IPA. That kinda sucks, yeah?!

Maybe I just have a drinking problem.

Saturday Night Beer Thread

Karl Strauss “Boat Shoes” – a slightly hazy juicy IPA

5:21 PST. Karl Strauss Brewing’s slightly-hazy, Boat Shoes IPA.

Cheers to Saturday!

Update: Lots of floaties in this boat:

8:42: “Particle Drift” HIPA by There Does Not Exist, from San Luis Obispo, CA.:

Wild artwork from this Particle Drift by There Does Not Exist

This Kind Of Brewery May Be Over

The sad news of a Bay Area staple closing, Marin Brewing Company, brings the feelings.

These kind of places may be over. The 80s 90s era. When brewpubs and breweries were a small underrated community.

Friend and Marinite, Paul has some words about it:

It’s bad enough that Iron Springs had to go down, but the ‘Brew Co’ – as all the locals referred to it – was iconic; one of California’s original pioneering brew pubs. I blame the haze craze more than anything. I’m sure the pandemic didn’t help, not to mention the a-hole landlord that kept jacking their rent. But ultimately I think it’s the fact that people’s taste in beer has changed, and it is getting harder and harder for these old school establishments to survive. I am in the minority. I am getting old and stodgy, and I long for dark and cozy brew pubs where you can get a stout and a side of mashed potatoes all for under 10 bucks on your lunch break. Sadly, those days are long gone. Please take a moment of silence to mourn this loss with me.

Thanks, Paul. It’s the ‘dark & cozy’ that gets me. There is not a lot of cozy left. Being a beer nerd used to be that: a small cozy community.

Find a malty pale (if you can) and pour one out for all the brewpubs and coziness we have lost.