I Had A “Cold IPA“ And…

Cold IPA colab beer “Acapulco Cold” from Alvarado Street and Figueroa Mountion Brewing

Last week I made fun of Beer Cruncher seemingly being the only one out there trying to make “Cold IPAs” happen. Then I ran across my first one in the wild.

A colab between Central California’s Alvarado Street and Figueroa Mountain Brewing called “Acapulco Cold”.

It is actually pretty good. I enjoyed it.

If I am to use this one example of the style, I do think there is a slight difference between this beer and an India Pale Lager style beer. Small, but there. The Lager side is very hidden, but still present.

Good if I don’t want the Lager feel, bad if I do.

Is it enough of a difference to give it its own style name like Cold IPA? Well, if I didn’t care about the marketing side I would say this is a sub-genre of IPL – definitely in the IPL family but enough of a difference to acknowledge it.

You can’t blame them for trying to attach it to the Ale side instead of the Lager side, but they are cheating a bit.

Hey, this particular CIPA is a nice beer. If they want to keep trying to make this style work, go for it – I definitely recommend trying one out if you see one, especially if you’re into a hoppy Lager. Honestly, I would have rather had this beer with Ale yeast though. 🤷🏼

Allagash White Is A Terrible Beer

Allagash White can
Trying an Allagash White on my Beer Bench

Yep. To me it is. To me.

What a good beer is can be very subjective. A large community inside Beer Twitter adores Allagash White. Some herald it as the perfect beer.

I could never stand the fucker.

A thin old tasting beer that tastes like it was put through a Randall filled with smushed bananas? No thanks.

But it had been a long time since I had one. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe my palete had changed. I am wrong a lot so I could be totally off.

So I tried one again:

Yep. Still as awful as I remember. Maybe more so. So difficult to drink. Just gross.

Allagash Brewing is a great top-tier Indie brewer that I highly respect. But Belgian Wheat beers are terrible, and the King of the style is Allagash White.

Belching Beaver’s Deftones Eight Pack Isn’t The Worst

Beclhi g Beave

Last night I was in my local generic grocery store (Yo, what’s happening Save Mart!?), doing my generic shopping for the next couple days. And I needed beer.

I went through the standard section that is 75% Big Beer and the rest Craft Beer. There was nothing interesting to me in the Craft. So I went to the one end-cooler where they have more specialty craft beers.

Sadly, all the interesting ale-based stuff carried a date of four months or older, making it unusable to me.

As I was about to give up and get a six-pack of Sierra, I noticed a new-to-me eight-pack of beer from San Diego’s Belching Beaver. It is a mixed pack of their Deftones beers.

Sweet! This is exactly what I need at this moment. BUT, no date on the box and you can’t see the can dates. Since the rest on the cooler has older beer, it is pretty likely this is old too. But I want it.

Fuck it. I buy it.

I wait till I get home to see if I just wasted $20 on old beer. And when I do, to my surprise, none of the beers are more than five weeks old.

A rare score. I can’t imagine I’ll get so lucky next time.