Stone Enjoy By 04.20.22 Hazy IPA

The 2022 version of Stone’s 4/20 Enjoy By IPA

Stone has many different kinds of Enjoy By beers, but the “4/20” is the flagship of the line.

ABV: 9% | Hops: They are not saying | 12oz cans

Bought At: Madera Ranchos Market. $12 for the six-pack.

Was it any good this year? Well, yes.

Session: Drank two during game two of Phoenix Suns playoff game against New Orleans. Drank a third after the Suns lost.

Did I catch a buzz? Not really. I may have paced them out too far apart.

I didn’t mean to but it turns out I had it during its final hours of freshness:

Stone Brewing’s “Enjoy By” clock

Still , even in its final moments, it tasted fresh enough – but I guess that’s the purpose of the whole Enjoy By line of beers, ain’t it?

Oh and, I like the can art this year – I am built in to like it as it’s an old Oakland A’s color scheme, but still cool.

It says it’s a hazy IPA but in this modern era of hazy beer, I get no hazy thoughts about this beer. It’s more like an old-school WCIPA.

Albeit a little bit on the sweet and malty side, I am giving this year’s Enjoy By 4/20 a thumbs up. I’ll try to remember it for a more accurate comparison when next year’s comes around.


How Many Beer Calories Can I Burn Walking Around?

“Next West Friend” from Procreations Brewing at Fresbrew

I happen to have gone to a local music festival in Fresno yesterday. It required a lot of walking or bike riding if you wanted to see all the bands you could. Which is awesome for me as I enjoy seeing local bands.

Also awesome is the festival took place in a area of Fresno with lots of Craft Beer options to stop and enjoy while walking around.

It made me think about how many calories I burned walking and how many I drank in.

“Stag” Pale from There Does Not Exist at Goldstein’s

Using this dead blog’s post about beer calories, here are the beers I had and the calories I obtained from them:

  • Procreations Brewing “Next West Friend” WCIPA. 7.5% – 300 calories.
  • There Does Not Exist Brewing “Stag” Pale Ale. 5.5% – 220 calories.
  • Machinehead Brewing “10 Speed Machine” – 260 calories.

So I consumed 780 calories in that session.

I roughly walked five miles, going around to many different stages and venues while at Tower Porchfest in Fresno.

This is where it gets tricky as to how many calories I burned walking.

“10 Speed Machine” from MachineHead Brewing at Spokeasy’s

I don’t have a smart watch to tell me so I have to filter what the Internet says how many calories a dude my size would burn walking that much.

The number I came ip with is 450.

So 780 in, 450 burned, I carried over 330 calories. Not terrible. But more than I would expect with all of that walking.🚶

Maybe it’s best not to think about it and go enjoy another beer. 😆 

Hey, but a good walk or meander through your neighborhood after a beer or two is a nice thing to do whether you’re worried about calories or not.

Drinking Session: Rams vs Niners, Edition

“60 Days In Hell” from There Does Not Exist Brewing

This is the start of a (hopefully) series on the blog where I summarize a drinking session I have.

This one is the NFC Championship game between the San Francisco 49ers and my Los Angeles Rams.


  • 60 Days In Hell from There Does Not Exist Brewing (San Luis Obispo, CA). Helles Lager. 4.7%.
  • Cosmic Gumbo from New Glory Brewing (Sacramento, CA). Pale Ale. 5.5%.
  • Nelson’s Revenge from Revision Brewing (Sparks, NV). DIPA. 9 %.


3:30 | Start time

3 | Amount of beers

2 | Different slasas

30 | Corns chips eaten

6-8 | Mixed olives eaten

4.5 | Highest rating of the three beers (60 Days In Hell).

1 | Buzzes acquired

20-17 | Final score. Rams defeat the 49ers to win the NFC and the right to play in the S*%#r Bowl. 🎉

8:30 | Stop time

Session over. Time to take a little break and begin another one. 🍻✌️