This Brewery Personality Is ‘Not Hiding Anymore‘

“Addie” from Santa Fe Brewing

Rising to the top of my favorite beer personalities on TikTok/Instagram is Santa Fe Brewing’s “Addie” aka @dirtyspice.

She has a unique energy unmatched in the Beer Tok and brewery promoting space.

Keep it up, Santa Fe Brewing! I don’t know if I’ll ever have a chance to have your beer but I love watching Addie’s creative promotion of it.

Oh, It Was A Corona

This man won’t live to see 30

You’ll have to forgive my post here, I am trying to break out of a writing slump.

With that in mind, I was attempting to think of anything beer-fun I could post to help my slump and for some reason a scene from Point Break popped into my head.

It was a scene from a party and the “Ex-Presidents” were telling surfing stories. I remember one involving beer being flung around but I couldn’t remember if it was generic movie beer or actually a beer.

Let’s see:

Oh okay, it was a Corona, man. Good to know I guess. Hopefully this will free me up to start writing more relevant beer posts again.

By the way, their biggest surf debate is dated. It is now, definitively, Nazare: in Portugal:

Maybe A “Kinda Cool” Category Next Year For the Beer Writer Awards?

The results of the Beer Writer Awards are out and I can tell you that the blog you’re reading right now is nowhere near them.

I am not a long-form writing kind of guy so it makes sense that I have nothing even worth mentioning – as far as the North American Guild of Beer Writers is concerned anyway.

After reading through all the winners, one thing is clear: they looooove love love long articles.

Lots of words = good blogging.

Blog or newsletter creativeness? BORING! Long stories with puffy and fussy words? Sign NAGBW up!

Am I bitter and longing for acknowledgment? I don’t think so? Maybe subconsciously. But if I am being honest, I get inspired by lack of acknowledgment. Makes me want to post even more.

The NAGBW does have ONE category I would have a shot in: Short Form.

Appropriate that their short form category has the least amount of award winners: three.

Was three all the entries they had or do they just not respect that category enough to even bother posting more? 🤷🏻‍♂️

Maybe next year I can convince them to create a “Kinda Cool” blog or newsletter category.

Anyway, like I said, I kind of get-off on the people considered the best in the field, not giving a shit or not aware enough to know what is happening on the small indie blogs.

When you’re a never-award-winning blogger and newsletter writer, sometimes being an unknown crank is all you have.

Oreo Cookies Have The Same Energy As Craft Beer

Oreo flavors
So many Oreo variants

I don’t know if you have noticed this lately but Oreo Cookies are really into doing one-offs and stunt batches of cookies.

Really drawing parallels to craft breweries.

The brewers putting out different hazzies or desert stouts. Weird experiments and marketing stunts. Oreo is right there with them.

There are so many, including Lady Gaga variants and a 4th Of July themed one with pop rock style candy in it.

I have had these and the 4th of July one is quite interesting.

Popping Candy Oreo – Red White & Blue

I assume there are plenty of Oreo flavored stouts or IPAs out there, I just haven’t seen any.

File under: Drinking & Thinking and cookies.