Oreo Cookies Have The Same Energy As Craft Beer

Oreo flavors
So many Oreo variants

I don’t know if you have noticed this lately but Oreo Cookies are really into doing one-offs and stunt batches of cookies.

Really drawing parallels to craft breweries.

The brewers putting out different hazzies or desert stouts. Weird experiments and marketing stunts. Oreo is right there with them.

There are so many, including Lady Gaga variants and a 4th Of July themed one with pop rock style candy in it.

I have had these and the 4th of July one is quite interesting.

Popping Candy Oreo – Red White & Blue

I assume there are plenty of Oreo flavored stouts or IPAs out there, I just haven’t seen any.

File under: Drinking & Thinking and cookies.

Bring Your Beer: “The Studio” from Portlandia

I was always a little frustrated with Portlandia never developing a brewer or beer geek character on the show.

It is such an obvious fit for a show about Portland culture and its nerds to have a quirky beer nerd character – too obvious for Fred and Carrie I guess.

At least the characters occasionally are having a beer in sketches. One of this best is the above sketch “The Studio” which starts with Fred’s Studio Guy character (maybe my favorite) asking Lance Bangs to come check out his studio and he can bring his beer.

The mellow statement of “bring your beer” just plain feels good.

Going to check out a thing someone wants you to see and you can do it while hanging with a beer in your hand? Perfect.

If this isn’t my favorite Portlandia sketch of all time, it’s at least one of them.

More from the Studio Guy:

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