Sierra Nevada Summer Break IPA 2022 Is Here!

Sierra Nevada Brewing “Summer Break IPA” 2022

It sure as hell doesn’t feel like Summer on this rainy chilly night in Fresno, but the first Summer beer has arrived: Sierra Nevada Brewing’s “Summer Break IPA”.

Canning date: 3/11/22

ABV: 4.6%

Style: Hazy Session IPA

Value: A nice beer to have in the fridge all season. Good grocery store beer.


Stone Enjoy By 04.20.22 Hazy IPA

The 2022 version of Stone’s 4/20 Enjoy By IPA

Stone has many different kinds of Enjoy By beers, but the “4/20” is the flagship of the line.

ABV: 9% | Hops: They are not saying | 12oz cans

Bought At: Madera Ranchos Market. $12 for the six-pack.

Was it any good this year? Well, yes.

Session: Drank two during game two of Phoenix Suns playoff game against New Orleans. Drank a third after the Suns lost.

Did I catch a buzz? Not really. I may have paced them out too far apart.

I didn’t mean to but it turns out I had it during its final hours of freshness:

Stone Brewing’s “Enjoy By” clock

Still , even in its final moments, it tasted fresh enough – but I guess that’s the purpose of the whole Enjoy By line of beers, ain’t it?

Oh and, I like the can art this year – I am built in to like it as it’s an old Oakland A’s color scheme, but still cool.

It says it’s a hazy IPA but in this modern era of hazy beer, I get no hazy thoughts about this beer. It’s more like an old-school WCIPA.

Albeit a little bit on the sweet and malty side, I am giving this year’s Enjoy By 4/20 a thumbs up. I’ll try to remember it for a more accurate comparison when next year’s comes around.


How Many Beer Calories Can I Burn Walking Around?

“Next West Friend” from Procreations Brewing at Fresbrew

I happen to have gone to a local music festival in Fresno yesterday. It required a lot of walking or bike riding if you wanted to see all the bands you could. Which is awesome for me as I enjoy seeing local bands.

Also awesome is the festival took place in a area of Fresno with lots of Craft Beer options to stop and enjoy while walking around.

It made me think about how many calories I burned walking and how many I drank in.

“Stag” Pale from There Does Not Exist at Goldstein’s

Using this dead blog’s post about beer calories, here are the beers I had and the calories I obtained from them:

  • Procreations Brewing “Next West Friend” WCIPA. 7.5% – 300 calories.
  • There Does Not Exist Brewing “Stag” Pale Ale. 5.5% – 220 calories.
  • Machinehead Brewing “10 Speed Machine” – 260 calories.

So I consumed 780 calories in that session.

I roughly walked five miles, going around to many different stages and venues while at Tower Porchfest in Fresno.

This is where it gets tricky as to how many calories I burned walking.

“10 Speed Machine” from MachineHead Brewing at Spokeasy’s

I don’t have a smart watch to tell me so I have to filter what the Internet says how many calories a dude my size would burn walking that much.

The number I came ip with is 450.

So 780 in, 450 burned, I carried over 330 calories. Not terrible. But more than I would expect with all of that walking.🚶

Maybe it’s best not to think about it and go enjoy another beer. 😆 

Hey, but a good walk or meander through your neighborhood after a beer or two is a nice thing to do whether you’re worried about calories or not.