Weekend Drinking Thread: Stoked For Great Notion & Trillium edition

Can you tell I got paid today?

Lately I started doing these threaded and live-blog style posts on Saturdays only. But this Saturday might be a little busy so I opened it up for the whole weekend.

I will be updating this post throughout the weekend with relevant beer, drinking and life journalling. Feel free to leave comments all weekend. Cheers! 🍻

The posting at the bottom will be the most current. Refresh the page if you have already been here to see if there is a new posting:

  • FRIDAY 2:46 PM: I am very excited to have those “My Name Is JC” colab beers AND the Great Notion beers. First can from the (pictured above) haul will happen soon! 🎉🎉
  • 4:20: First beer of the weekend is from Santa Rosa’s Henhouse Brewing, “Stoked!” Pale Ale:

7:58PM: I finally got to my second “Stoked” and there is an earthquake down South. Not big enough to feel up here in Fresno but I love this color coded map showing the areas that did feel it:

9:30ish: “My Name Is Also JC” hazy IPA from Trillium and Alvarado Street:

11:30: Had the non-hazed version too:

The hazy version is much more interesting but the WCIPA is a better beer. Both really good though!

*End of Friday thread.


  • 9:53PM PST: A busy day of dad-ing is slowing down, finally allowing for the first beer of the day:
  • It is definitely matching up with the name. Someone melted a creamsicle into an WCIPA. Good job.
  • Everything in life makes you fat, tired or both. It’s not fucking fair.
  • Holy balls this game:

*End of Saturday thread.


Weldworks’ “Juicy Bits: El Dorado” HIPA

3:40PM: I do this from time to time: leave a half drank can of beer in the fridge and then finish it off the next day. Of course, it’s not as poppin’ as it was last night, but it’s still drinkable. A fresh, open beer left in the fridge for a day is better than a just opened old IPA any day.

5:20: Emmy’s Beer is also the first Pumpkin Beer of the season:

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