Summer Of Slush: Beer Slushies Are Good For Indie Craft Beer

Beer Geeks need to let the whole shamming of Beer Slushies subside.

I totally get the shaming, but, slushed beers are delicious. I hate saying that, but dammit, they are.

Three big reasons I like it:

  1. They keep money flowing in craft beer.
  2. Big Beer can do nothing. There is no counter. You think Texas Roadhouse is going to get a Bud Light Slush machine? Actually they might. I should shut up. Shit, I’d be surprised if there ISN’T a beer slush machince the next time I go to Texas Roadhouse or whatever.
  3. Sometimes your significant other might not be all that into beer like you so it’s hard to get them to come down to the taproom with you. But if there is a beer slush available, might be a little easier to convince them.

Aren’t breweries using beer they are having problems selling to blend into slushies?

Yeah, they probably are in many cases. What, are you a Beer Slush Snob now? Cool. Demand better from your slushes. Otherwise, what does it matter? Just drink it or don’t. Hell, it’s more interesting than a simple Lager, that brewers seem to love so much. Yeah I said it.

How does one get a commercial beer slush machince?

I quickly found this website (not affiliated, just telling you about it) and they have all the machines. Maybe not so practical for a home brewer but kinda reasonable for a brewery taproom. I imagine you could make your money back in a couple of busy weekends and then it’s slushy profits forever!

Don’t ask me how to make one though. I guess you dump a bunch of sugar in with your sour IPA you can’t get rid of and then start counting all that slush monies.

If you want to go hipster with your slushies, check out what this bar in New York does:

While it may be the Summer trend for beer in 2019, I think they will be sticking around. In fact, I think slushies will be just as big in 2020, if not bigger.

Just know that if I start seeing them pop up in Chili’s, the trend is about to be over.

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