Saturday Drinking Thread: Hurricane Beers Edition

I have been experimenting the past couple weekends with these kind of posts. A mix of live-blog, drinking forecasting and buzzed journaling. Even though it hasn’t taken off yet, I kinda like doing them so I’ll keep it up for now.

We give so much of our writing and energy to posting on other peoples sites (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Untappd bla bla bla…), sometimes it’s nice to keep that energy on your own blog, ya know?

I will be updating this blog post throughout the day (when time allows) so just check back in occasionally by hitting refresh on your browser when you have the post pulled up. Comments are open to you as well if you ever feel the need to ad something.


  • High chance of buzz rolling in by afternoon as no events outside of the house are planned. No need to drive anywhere once errands are done and no serious family needs predicted at this time.
  • Just enough beer budget today to supply a full Saturday of drinking.
  • Events to watch: Hurricane Ida approach Gulf states. Oakland A’s game vs. Yanks. Fresno State Football season opening game. New episode of Ted Lasso. SNL repeat at 11:30 PM.
  • I am in California, all times are PST.


NOON: First up for today is a trip to the Market to pick up beer and food for the day. Updates to follow below when they come.

1:32: Beer run complete. These beers have to last me thru Monday. It will take all of my discipline:

4:10: The A’s win and the drinking begins! After a delay with some dad duties I have opened up my first beer of the day! A Pale from San Luis Obispo’s There Does Not Exist Brewing, “Cosmic Distancing” – very good, clean and nice aroma:

“Cosmic Distancing” Pale and cats

5:45: New Beer Alert 🚨, a Belching Beaver with a Perfect Pour Podcast cup. It was cheap ($2.50 ish) and it’s okay.

Almost hit on this four pack at the store earlier, just to check it out. Backed out. Maybe next time:

Glutenberg IPA and Pale from the Canadas!

6:37: I don’t think I have gotten a buzz yet – stretching things out to far at the moment.

6:41: The Police’s “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” is on the radio. I feel all the attention Sting got post-Police breakup has diminished the attention The Police should have/should be getting as one of the greatest bands of all time.

8:15: Dinner break is over and the drinking has returned. Really I’m starting over as far as getting a buzz.

Fresno County’s Crow & Wolf Brewing with “Star Gazer” HIPA

10:07: I am not sure if I want to milk a 4th beer for the rest of the night or stay open for a 5th. I really wish I had a 12oz beer for a possible 5th instead of a 16oz IPA. Poor planing.

Agreed. I could really use some chili about now. File chili under: underrated.

10:30: Let’s see if I can catch that illusive buzz with this Henhouse beer:

“Paul Was The Walrus” from He house Brewing on a Fresno patio

Well that’s enough of that. Another unsuccessful wildly cool live blog of my Saturday drinking. After viewing the stats for this post I realize that I have discovered the deadest form of blogging in existence – which I secretly love. ✌️

Update: I have made it to Monday with just the beers pictured at the beginning of all this. It fucking sucks though as one made it. I’m having only one beer tonight (Monday). Mondays are THE WOST!

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