I Drank From A Bag of Beer Today

What a bag of beer looks like

I’m a simple man. I like my showers hot and my beer from a bag.

So, um yeah, I drank a bag of beer today. Well, I didn’t drink it in one sitting. I’m not a monster.

Whilst looking for lunch options on Door Dash, BJ’s Brewhouse came up. I couldn’t help but notice the beer. Beer delivery was an option.

I was needing to get beer today and wasn’t looking forward to leaving the house. And now I’m staring at a beer menu with beer that could be on my front door in 30 minutes and I don’t have to leave the front porch today?!

I’m doing it.

It cost $20 (plus $2 for the container), for a 128-ounce plastic bag of fermented liquid.

Piranha Pale is not one of my favorite beers. It can be okay in the restaurant. Kinda in the same ballpark as a Sierra Nevada Pale, but maltier.

But BEER FROM A BAG! Brought to my door 30 minutes after I ordered it! That’s cool, right? Cool enough, pal.

Is is better than a beer from a growler or crowler? Well, no. But it’s slightly cheaper than getting a growler. Almost the same price as a crowler.

The beer tastes the same as from a growler. At this point, I have so many growlers lying around accomplishing nothing, it’s kinda nice not adding to the collection.

Here I am pouring some:

It actually pours easier than a crowler does.

If you run across beer bags somewhere, I recommend it. For delivery for sure.

Fun conversation piece plus you get the same beer you would from a growler so, why not?

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