How To Pour From A Crowler When You Suck At It

How To Pour From A Crowler

If you can’t seem to pour from a crowler without making a mess, like me, I have the solution. No, I don’t know how to pour from a crowler… YET. Today we are going to figure out, once and for all, how to pour from a crowler, properly.

It’s not like pouring from a crowler is hard…right?

You see, I have been having problems pouring from a crowler. Usually, the beer runs down the side of the crowler as I am pouring or my pour is mostly foam or both.

Maybe you have no problems pouring from a crowler and are wondering why I am so stupid. That’s fine.

I have figured out three ways that work for people. Two of the ways worked for me and one did not. I made a video trying out all three you can watch or read on and I’ll lay them out.

How To Pour From A Crowler

  • Open crowler can normally.
  • Pour an aggressive 2,3-ounce pour.
  • Put the crowler can down.
  • Begin a normal pour but do it gently.

I liked this one, it really worked for me. No mess and not an excessive amount of foam. I found this one on the Beer Advocate board via TankerSteve.

  • Get a pointed bottle opener (or whatever device you can safely make a hole through the top of the can with).
  • Make a hole on top of the can on the opposite side of the opening.
  • Pour normal.

Once I got the hole done it worked great. Made it really easy to pour, same as if it was a normal can, maybe even slightly better. The challenge may be to have something around to punch a hole in the top of the can as the lids on crowlers are tough.

  • Open crowler can normally.
  • Don’t pour straight, slightly twist the can and give an angled pour.

This is the one that does not work for me. My beer runs down the side of the can and I end up with more foam than I want. Not sure what I cannot do this properly but it is a mess every damn time.

I suspect this is what the people do that claim they never have a problem pouring from a crowler. Jerks.

More crowler questions answered!

Since we are talking about crowlers, let’s go over a few questions that the Internet has about crowlers.

  • How much beer is in a crowler? Usually 32oz. That is two 16oz glasses of beer, for all you math wizards out there. I have seen smaller crowlers though, which are weird. And now some places will can a regular 16oz can right in front of you. What a time to be alive.
  • Can you reuse a crowler? No, bro. Once you open that bad boy it’s time to drink it down. Not a problem if you are day drinking. I do occasionally put it back in the fridge to use later in the same session, but I never have it sitting around more than an hour. An open beer does not keep well, my friend.
  • How long does a crowler of beer last? A properly sealed can. I would say…results vary. I could be as long as a regularly canned beer, if it was sealed just right. It could be a few days. Weeks. Months. Hell, experiment if you can. This is definitely an advantage crowlers have vs. growlers. A crowler of beer lasts much longer than a growler.
Rejoice! We all can pour from a crowler now!

Hopefully, we now know how to pour from a crowler properly. If you have your own way of making a clean pour of crowler beer, I’d love it if you left your method in the comment section. And if you want to just make fun of me for being too dumb to pour from a crowler without researching, that is fin too.


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