Saturday Night Drinking Thread: Pineapple Socks Edition

Out Of The Barrel in Fresno

My session starts with a beer run to Out Of The Barrel to pick up some cans for the next two days. I refrained from getting a beer there ‘cause I had to get back to the family with lunch. 😕


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3:30 PM

Drinking has begun!

Bay of Plenty from Almanac

A 6.5 hazy that is very light on the haze. It was a label buy. Pretty forgettable.

5:00 ish:

Humble Sea Brewing

Variant of Humble’s Socks & Sandals (Pineapple). I thought I was going to like it more.

6:00 to 7:00ish

Dinner break and the Fresno State game:

9:00 PM ish:

I got pulled into watching Halloween movies with my child. Still milking this one at the moment. It is not great and I now now why it was $2.99:

SNL Time!:


Still going and without a nap, yo!


I dunno if this is my last dispatch but I’m having this at the moment.

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