Good Beers To Drink Outside


I’m with you here, Greg. Not sure what dry stout I would pick though.

Not being that big of a watermelon fan, I couldn’t imagine liking 21st Amendment’s Hell or High Watermelon. But when that beer was introduced, I tried it as a hot day beer and it was excellent! Might need to revisit it this Summer.

I like how this one has the whole day planned out:

No! Too much Bourbon:

I feel a need to try more Bavarian ? … beers? Sure. Why not!?

Anything with Chardonnay in the title is a hard no for me:

Okay, I’ll bite, Fabian. What’s a Buccanero? *searches internets* Oh, okay, that looks like it could be good (image from here):

Is the below image a can or a ceramic cup? I can’t tell. But I’m interested:

So, Spezial Keller is a beer cellar in Bamberg, Germany. And it looks damn inviting as a place to have a beer outdoors. It is the picture at the top of this post that I stole from here. I want to go to there.

I have almost completely forgotten about Hefs. After years of drinking hazy beers, I wonder what an actual Hefewiezen even tastes like through my now hazed palette?

Alright. Now we are talking, Mike. A Simcoe Murklands Pale from Pure Project. It looks damn delicious.

What the hell? ‘Wheat n’ Potatoes’? From Banded Brewing. *searches the interents again*. Wow, Banded looks like a cool brewery, out of Biddeford, Maine. Wheat n’ Potatoes is a 4.1% IPA that is a lemony Citra bomb and is a crusher – I am definitely putting this one on my Looking Out For list.

This Rising Tide “Pieces” beer is a tart Gose and I can’t GO there. But it looks cool:

Humble brag much, Serena? *wink*

Well that’s enough to pine over for now. I’m off to find that “Wheat n’ Potatoes” and a good patio chair.

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