Dude, Where Is My Beer?

A point and click old-school adventure game about finding a Pilsner in a world of craft beer and hipsters? I may have to put my IPA down for a moment to play this on Steam (when the game is ready for play).

In case you haven’t heard of it, Steam is an online pc game platform where developers can create, play, and discuss pc games.

The site hosts thousands of games and one has caught the attention of the beer geek world (peripherally saw it on @WorstBeerBlog’s feed, to be honest). That game being “Dude, Where Is My Beer?”

I have never been on Steam before and this is the first game that might actually get me on there. The game is not actually live yet, but you can put it on your Steam wishlist so you’re ready when it is.

You can find out all ya need to know by checking out his website here.

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