There Is Nothing Worse Than An Empty Can Of Beer

Pizza Port’s “Open Itinerary” IPA was there for me this time

Are you like me, when in a drinking session? Still desiring beer but knowing you only have one more beer left you can drink, and you try pouring some beer into your empty glass and find out the can is already empty?

It’s terrifying.

Well just now I had that situation except there was ACTUALLY beer in the can still! What I win.

Today’s lesson: Not everything sucks all the time.

2 thoughts on “There Is Nothing Worse Than An Empty Can Of Beer

  1. Pizza Port!
    I used to head down in June for the Real Ale
    Cask Festival at Carlsbad WOW it was wonderful, we went many years, then the kept changing the dates… ugh haven’t been back for years now 🙁

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