Modern Times’ Monsters Park Prices Are Too Damn High!

I am not a stout guy but I do remember liking Modern Time’s Monsters Park Imperial Stout. It’s been a while though for me.

It’s a limited release beer. Comes and goes. But if you look in your Total Wine or maybe your beer buying place of choice, you will see individual cans of Monsters Park. Not the 16oz, mind you, the 12 oz cans.

Those cans are going for $17.99 or more.

Should I get a Quicken Loan for a can of Monsters Park?

Cute 12oz can, Modern Times. Now bring out the real can. These must be gag gifts, right? No, it’s real? Okay sorry. You need a $20 bill to get one 12oz can of beverage now, I see. This deserves a strongly worded Untappd rating.

if we were talking about one of the bombers of Monsters Park, that would be a different story. But this is a baby 12oz can. Hardly enough for a personal beerfest.

Can I age a can of beer like Monsters Park?

When you get a bomber bottle, Modern Times suggests that it would be totally cool to age it anywhere from 6 to 24 months.

But what about the can?

Let’s say we don’t think $18 for a can of Monsters Park is too damn high and we buy it. Can I age it, or (if you prefer the term) cellar it?

Yes, aging beer in a can is a thing too and yeah, do it. I think cellaring beer in a bottle or a can has equal benefits and drawbacks so it does not really matter.

I would like to one day take the same batch of beer, one in a can, one in a bottle, sit on it for a year and then see how they do. But that is for another post, another day.

Monsters Park cans 2018
Modern Times’s Monsters Park can image from

Buy Monsters Park beer online, if you can.

Lucky enough for me in Fresno, we get Modern Times beer. So we have core beers available to us with little problem. And since we have a Total Wine here, we can get some specials, like a Monsters Park series.

But you may not be so lucky. Time to take to the Internet.

Best Damn Beer Shop has some cans left for $15.99, of the coffee variety. Of course, you end up paying more with the shipping and junk, but it’s the best price for the beer that I have seen.

There are some variants like the Mexican Hot Chocolate and one with vanilla out there too. You might have to look a little harder for those as those 220z bottles are sold out in most places, especially the Mexican Hot Chocolate one.

Reviews of Monsters Park Bourbon Barrel Aged Nitro 2018

Maybe you need another opinion before parting with that $20 for one little beer. You can see what Beer Advocate says. Also, there is this video review of the vanilla variant of the 2018 Monsters Park Imperial Stout:

Hmmm, interesting. Thin? Bummer.

Drink what you want. Pay what you want.

Being a beer geek is fun. It can be expensive though. Paying $18 for a 12oz can of beer is tough to wrap your head around, no matter how good the beer is. But hell, if you have the money, you want to try it, go for it I say.

I personally would rather get a 4pack of Modern Times [insert any hoppy beer here] for $18 bucks. But you beer you.

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