LIVE BLOG!: Saturday Night Drinking Thread – AUG 21

Greetings! Happy Saturday to you (or Sunday?for those on the other side).

I will be live-blogging my drinking tonight the best I can.

For you kids that missed the good old days of blogging, a live-blog is a rolling update of some sort of event that is contained within a blog post. You will have to refresh this page to see any updates.

Comments are open if you want to make fun if me at any point. I plan on updating occasionally well into the night. Hope you enjoy!


I made it to the other side of a, we’ll just call it a “nap”, and now watching SNL – a re-run with Chris Rock & Megan The Stallion (above). Still milking that ”Jumbo Jets” IPA. It’s not great. I think it’s the Galaxy hops and not how well the beer is.

This may be my last post for this event. I would like to thank those that followed along. I was kinda lame tonight so I am sorry for that.

Peace & Beer to all. ✌️

11:02: I’d trust Russian River with my life so I will trust them that these beers are good. I probably won’t see them though, even if this place is in Fresno.

10:49: I was really needed this to be a upbeat and spicy night and it is not getting there. Yesterday’s Perfect Pour episode got there.

10:25: I have never heard of Casa Agria Brewing but the can art got me. Total label-buy. We’ll see if i can capture the elusive buzz from this one:

9:43: I need a personal motto.

9:33: Speaking of Live Blogging, Chew knows how to do it on Twitter:

9:03: “That’s no moon, that’s a space station.” Well, actually, it IS a moon, Master. You should go check it out:

8:53: Somebody in the neighborhood has a Ranchera style band playing live outside. It’s nice enough background music that I don’t need to out my own music on.

8:48: I have jumped back on the drinking train with one of the best beers of all time, Alvarado Street Brewing’s “Mai Tai” IPA. On the patio because it is a perfect Fresno Summer Night.

7:52: Reg is gone and a long dinner break has completely torpedoed and chance of a buzz for the moment. Mood is shit. Waiting to feel a bit more upbeat before I open another beer. I only like drinking beer when I’m feeling decent or better. 🤞

6:00: Splitting another new one that I got earlier from Out Of The Barrel. No buzz yet:

•5:30 ish. We into a new beer to me that Reggie and I split:

•By the way, the fucking A’s blew that game against the Giants. Fuckers.

•5ish. Reggie has arrived with some beer he brought back from Lake Tahoe and also a Fresno County beer which is first up, a solid and canned just a day ago Mexican Lager from Crow & Wolf:

•It’s 4:30 PST here in Fresno and I’m watching the A’s blow a game against the Giants, waiting for a friend named Reggie to show up with some beers to exchange. I haven’t started drinking yet.

10 thoughts on “LIVE BLOG!: Saturday Night Drinking Thread – AUG 21

  1. Go get you the best beer drinking mood Mikey. Smile at the stars (albeit through the smoke), dip your feet in the pool and listen to your favorite song bro. Share the moment with the producer too. We only get so many days off work so smile, laugh, sip/gulp/enjoy. You make so many others smile with your spoken and written words, and for that I and others thank you. Cheers.

  2. I am sitting in a Double Tree in Brisbane after my son’s team lost both lacrosse games today, sure it sucked, but I sit here with a lovely hazy from a brewery in the city who is getting back at if after shutting down for the pandemic and remind myself of renewal and rejuvenation how we can come back from setbacks and prepare to win tomorrow, even if today/yesterday/last year didn’t go as we wanted. Make it your best beer drinking mood.

  3. I always enjoy the effort you put into beer. Wish you were at Disneyland w me. How about Vegas for Labor Day. We will have a couch for u to sleep on

  4. Now we split a Peppers & Peaches by Claremont Craft Ales. I love this beer! Beautiful peach nose & a spicy pepper finish. GABF 2020 Gold!!!

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