Is There A Second Batch Of Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale? Yes.

Celebration Ale 2021

Every year on the Perfect Pour we wonder if Sierra Nevada Brewing makes multiple batches of Celebration Ale, or do they do it all in one shot.

Well this season, in year of our Beer Lord 2021, I can all but confirm there are at least two batches!!

The first batch to hit Fresno was canned on 10/08/21.

It was looking like that was it because several six-packs purchased later resulted in the same date.

But today (after it sat untouched for a week in my fridge as I moved through previously bought sixers) I have discovered a second batch:

A 11/05/21 Celebration Ale and the Suns game.

11/05/21. It’s at least a second canning date. But with that large of span between dates we can assume that’s a different batch.

Does Sierra have a third batch in them before Celebration goes away? We’ll keep checking.

By the way, the second batch tastes the same as the first, as far as I can tell.

UPDATE!: There are even more batches. This from an Untappd friend, there is a 10/5 & 10/21 batch!:

AND, Nick from the Perfect Pour found a batch at Costco that is from the end of September! So that is five batches and counting!


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