Beer Art: “Label Buy: Batch 1”

Craft beer changes so much, at least when it comes to can releases. It’s easy for a beer to get released and forgotten about very quickly. Even though, tons of work went into that beer, including the label art.

So I’m starting a series on the blog, remembering cool label art I have come across, with maybe a few thrown in that I have not acquired yet but would love to have a chance to “label buy” someday – labels I’m Looking Out For, if ya will.

Please enjoy the first round of a brief collection of recent labels I have come across and love.

All of these are can rolling approved.

From Tioga Sequoia Brewing “Hop Fuzz”, Brut style IPA:

This one I actually drank. It’s an excellent Brut IPA and a nice refreshing change from the hoppier stuff I was having that night. A good pallet cleanser.

Tioga is out of Fresno and can be found all across Central California. But “Hop Fuzz” may be limited to what the brewery has on-hand; It’s a trader.

From Fremont Brewing, “Head Full of Dynomite”, hazy IPA:

Fremont Brewing

This is also an excellent beer but was a label “buy” as well. I put buy in quotes because it was a listener of the Perfect Pour that gave us this one and I did not buy it.

Fremont is out of Seattle. They do get distributed around the West Coast, here and there.

Alvarado Street Brewing & RAR Brewing “Juice Cruz”.

I have not had a can yet but I did try it on draft once, so it’s okay:

Attractive person in a colorful motorcycle helmet. Looks like what the 70s thought Astronauts would look like. I like it.

Dust Bowl Brewing “Mouthful Of Miracles” Double Brut IPA.

Dust Bowl Brewing double brut ipa

I guess we have a new acronym now, a DBIPA. Whatever you want to call it, it’s a damn fine representation of a Brut style. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s a double helps it. A lot of single Bruts don’t work for me.

The label works for me because of the fonts, the logo and the colors all really go nicely together.

Dust Bowl distributes in Central and Northern California, plus much of Oklahoma.

Urban Roots Brewing “Like Riding A Bike” IPA.

Like Riding A Bike IPA

Such a cool can, my picture does not do it justice. The worlds of Craft Beer and cycling often come together so it’s fun to see it play out on a can. Plus this beer is SO FUCKING GOOD!

Urban Roots is a small up and coming brewer out of the Sacramento area. I am not aware they distribute much so you’ll have to trade or find a Beer Mule like I did.

More Beer Art To Come

Hope you like this new segment on Mikey Top Pour. I’ll keep documenting the cool beer artwork I come across and post it here.

Thanks for reading and cheers!

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