And Then I Was Like “Oh FUCK, This Is A Black IPA”

I was saving one more beer in the fridge for tailgating the finale of Kenobi. A beer from There Does Not Exist. They make excellent beers, many being IPAs and Pales and such.

I am thinking I have a WCIPA waiting for me but it turns out:

“Vague Future” from There Does Not Exist Brewing

Yep. Black IPA.

I forgot I did this. In an effort to change up my routine I mixed a BIPA in there.

It’s fine. I am working through it. It is well made for the style. Just not what I was wanting.

Note to self: Don’t get cute. Just get more WCIPAs next time.

I Got Through It: ‘Brutal Noodle’ Fruited West Coast IPA

I did not think it was going to go down like this. It’s red.

When I saw “fruited” West Coast IPA, my mind went to tropical; orange and pineapple. Turns out it’s cranberry and orange.

I am not too big into cranberry in beer. So it was a shock. Not expecting a beer billed as a West Coast to be like that. Not here to say it’s wrong to bring WC into it, just here to say it’s weird, dude.

But hey, I got through it. Not mad. Maybe even glad, as I would have never tried if if I had known about the berry action, so I guess I am expanding my palate and junk.

That said, I am making sure my next beer is not red.

My Top Five Go-To IPAs

“Like Riding A Bike” from Urban Roots

It’s very difficult to choose and it changes often but mine, as I write this, in no particular order, and all from California – so I guess mine is pretty regional too:

  • Pliny The Elder – Russian River (Santa Rosa).
  • Mai Tai – Alvarado Street (Monterey)
  • Like Riding A Bike – Urban Roots (Sacramento).
  • DDH General Sherman – Tioga Sequoia (Fresno)
  • Citraholic – Beachwood Brewing (Long Beach).

I know it’s kinda obvious to put Pliny on there but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s true. It is always true.

Side note: This post was inspired by this thread and is worth checking out for the KC influenced responses: