Pliny The Elder Gives A Better Buzz

Pliny The Elder Russian River IPA
Pliny The Elder from Russian River

I had a Pliny the other night and I started getting a little buzz, and like… it was nice.

Better than nice, actually. I really felt like it was different. The buzz was different. Slightly elevated.

It hit differently than a standard DIPA. The quality of buzz was just a little bit better.

Maybe that is my brain thinking it is better because it is a Russian River beer.

When you think about it though, does that make it any less real? If my brain feels the buzz is better because it is a higher quality beer, doesn’t that make it real?


Tuesday Is A Great Night For Beer Drinking

Pliny The Elder IPA
Pliny The Elder from Russian River is pure Tuesday Night perfection.

Dear lord that Pliny went down super easy. Is it because it’s well fucking made? Well, okay, yeah.

But it is also because it is Tuesday night. The best night for a beer geek to drink.

It is quiet. Not a lot going on.

The Monday “back to the grind” has passed. It is too early to start gearing up for the weekend. Nobody has made plans for you to do a thing.

It is the perfect space to knock a few beers back, reflect on some things. Maybe watch some live shows on YouTube:

Simply, it is a nice evening with your beers. For fellow beer drinkers everywhere: thank you, Tuesday night.

War Games Is A Perfect Movie To Have With A Pliny

Yesterday I had a Pliny while watching War Games – an 80s movie I love that’s sadly become insanely timely again. Outside of a couple cheeseball moments, the original hacker flick, still holds up.

It’ll make you miss the beginnings of the Internet and the 80s bedroom of your rich friend.

Side note: “Jennifer & David” are one of the most adorable couples in film – mark it down.

A Pliny is a wonderful beer to have while watching this feels-like-a-Spielberg-film-but-isn’t, classic.

The Russian River and Pliny label esthetic has always had an analog feel, much like how War Games somehow feels like when the Internet was analog.

Different Pliny The Elder Bottles
Some of my Pliny The Elder bottles

My only wish is I had a second Pliny as mine went empty early on. I also wish I had a standup Galaga machine but that’s a whole other thing.

War Games is currently available on Netflix and Pliny is where you can find it – but you knew that.