A Picture Of A Dive: Billymark’s West NYC

At first glance I thought this was a picture of a mini-mart (or a bodega as they like to call them in NY). It’s pure dive artistry.

It reminds me that I have a soft spot for dive-y marts with a little bit of character. And before the Pandemic, I was trying to figure out what to do with that soft spot, creatively.

Since the Pandemic though, I don’t go in them. Too small of an air space to breathe if I don’t have to, ya know.

But now I know, once all spaces become safe again, I’ll be doing posts on here, dedicated to the little marts I experience throughout my day.

Oh yeah, so it turns out the above picture is of a dive bar in NYC, not a mart.

As you can see it’s called Billymark’s West and doesn’t look too bad inside as this picture by NY.Eater.com suggests:

They even did a write up on the place. Hope it survives the COVID with its Labat’s Blue selection intact.