Is This Good Marketing?: “Extra Guac” from Magnify Brewing

The name is damn catchy. “Extra Guac” by New Jersey’s, Magnify Brewing.

First thought is “Ohahha geezz, what the hell?! They are out there making guacamole IPAs now? Sick, dude.” [Also, I kinda want to try it]

But, this beer name comes with a disclosure from Magnify “Made with no avocados.” So it’s not actually an Avocado IPA. It’s a juicy DDH DIPA, hopped with Idaho 7, Mosaic, Amarillo and Huell Melon.

Sometimes you have to treat yo self – go ahead and order that extra side of guac even though it’s an extra charge.

Magnify Brewing

It’s just a name with avocado infused can-art. But, as you might have guessed, the name and can-art brought much confusion on Magnify’s Instagram feed.

“What’s in this, lol?”
“Intrigued.” (this indicates they think there is guac in the beer)
“I want to try this. Also, I really want to try a guac beer now.”
“Why no avocado?”

We mention it all the time on the Perfect Pour, never put the name of an ingredient in the beer name unless it really does taste like the thing you say is in there. It tends to annoy users and make the brewery’s social media manager work overtime.

So, I then ask “Is this good marketing?”

Yes. It is.

As much as it pains me to say it because I am one of the people that get annoyed as hell when a beer name does not match what is in the beer. But, Magnify has a good social manager that was prepared for the reactions and, if this beer would have been some random IPA name, I would not have noticed it.

So, yep, good marketing, even if it’s annoying.

For what it is worth, this batch of Extra Guac seems to be better than previous as it is getting a much higher rating than a batch that appeared to come out earlier in the year. Right now it’s averaging better than a 4 on Untappd.

I am looking out for it. And now want to try a Guacamole Porter.