Check Your Dates, HARD!

I was being lazy. Stupid. Not listening to my own advice.

When I say check your dates, I mean follow though and really check your dates!

A red flag was raised when I noticed the cans were kinda beat up. But I did not listen.

My lazy check of the first two dates 06/19/.. is what killed me. My brain auto-filled “2020”.

As soon as I took the first sip, I knew. It’s old. And I’m shit at beer tasting, giving notes. A master I never shall be. But this? This was obvious.

The damn beer was over a year old. Undrinkable. $12 of perfectly good beer money (literally) down the drain. I guess I won’t die though.

I Drank From A Bag of Beer Today

What a bag of beer looks like

I’m a simple man. I like my showers hot and my beer from a bag.

So, um yeah, I drank a bag of beer today. Well, I didn’t drink it in one sitting. I’m not a monster.

Whilst looking for lunch options on Door Dash, BJ’s Brewhouse came up. I couldn’t help but notice the beer. Beer delivery was an option.

I was needing to get beer today and wasn’t looking forward to leaving the house. And now I’m staring at a beer menu with beer that could be on my front door in 30 minutes and I don’t have to leave the front porch today?!

I’m doing it.

It cost $20 (plus $2 for the container), for a 128-ounce plastic bag of fermented liquid.

Piranha Pale is not one of my favorite beers. It can be okay in the restaurant. Kinda in the same ballpark as a Sierra Nevada Pale, but maltier.

But BEER FROM A BAG! Brought to my door 30 minutes after I ordered it! That’s cool, right? Cool enough, pal.

Is is better than a beer from a growler or crowler? Well, no. But it’s slightly cheaper than getting a growler. Almost the same price as a crowler.

The beer tastes the same as from a growler. At this point, I have so many growlers lying around accomplishing nothing, it’s kinda nice not adding to the collection.

Here I am pouring some:

It actually pours easier than a crowler does.

If you run across beer bags somewhere, I recommend it. For delivery for sure.

Fun conversation piece plus you get the same beer you would from a growler so, why not?

Humble Sea Brewing’s Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood Parity Can Art is Straight Magic

I don’t know who does the beer names and can-art for Humble Sea Brewing but they are really connecting.

It doesn’t hurt that Humble Sea’s beer (Santa Cruz, CA) is super tasty too.

Humble’s new “Mr. Foggers” foggy double IPA is the latest in a series of rad beers from them.

Labels have a lot of effect over the enjoyment of beer. I have no science stats to back that claim up, just a feeling. BUT YOU KNOW I’M RIGHT!

I can’t remember having a bad beer with really good label art. Is that physiological thing? I feel like it’s more than that. Like, if you take the time to be extra with your label art, you probably do the same with your actual beer.

Keep it up, Humble Sea.

I plan to post more of my label favorites here. Please stay reading.

Why Are Beers So Easy To Zoom?

Besides sucking the life out of your phone’s battery faster than a bro downing a Coors Light through a beer funnel, Zoom calls promote sucking down beers at a faster rate than I can understand.

I sucked the above Urban Roots “Guys Gals & Non-Binary Pals” hazy pales ALL down during yesterday’s Perfect Pour Listener Friday Night Zoom Party, with ease.

There is some sort of Internet wizardry happening. Further investigations of this phenomenon are needed.

Good Beers To Drink Outside

It’s the time to be outside and popular beer writer, @BeerBabe, put out a question to Beer Twitter recently:

What’s a good day drinking, patio or simply outdoors beer? Hmmmm.

My first reaction is almost always, light. A pale ale around 5% or a session IPA.

This is the only time (outside, during the day), when I would think about having a Lager or Pilsner as well. Maybe even a good European Lager.

Carla’s followers have some opinions too so I highlighted some of the more interesting ones:

A Peak Organic Fresh Cut, ehh? Noted.