Hidden Beer Cooler | How To Hide Your Beer

In Ground Beer Cooler

You probably have seen this one. The HopfenHohlen underground beer cooler.

This thing looks really boss until you realize that there is no way those beers are staying cold in our climate. It would be great if your backyard is in Alaska though.

Supposedly, being underground keeps things cool. That may work in the Sweeden, dude, but not here.

Come up with a version that can actually keep the beer cold and I’ll listen.

Still kinda want one though.

How To Hide Beer In The Fridge

If it’s your place or a person close to you, fridge access should not be a problem.

Make sure there is an ice-chest that everyone knows contains the party beer.

Make it clear. Put a sign on the damn thing. “This is where to come get your freshies!”

Then you put the good beer in the fridge. But do a little hiding there too. Underneath veggies always works.

“Where are you getting those?” You’re going to have to field that question unless you hide the can too.

This is the standard. Some people just don’t want to endure the cold temps of dipping their hand into the bottom of the cooler so they’ll just take what is on top. Take advantage of this laziness and place the buffer beer on top.

Hide a Beer Can With a Soda Cover

Vermont Brewers Association can koozie

Even with all the cool can art that is out there these days, you may have to implore some sort of cover device. A koozie. A hidden beer koozie. This can create a stealth beer.

You could go three ways with the koozie.

Traditional: Like the “Vermont Brewers Association” pictured above with a 12oz koozie holding a 16oz beer.. People are probably still going to see what you’re drinking, but at least there is one layer of possible protection from prying eyes.

Novelty: Here is where you can throw people off:

Hi-Tech: One that truly helps keep your beer cold like a Yeti Rambler Colster ($25.00 on Amazon). I have one. I like it. It works well enough at keeping your can cold and mostly hidden. But it’s only good for 12oz cans.

The Hopsulator, on the other hand, is all about keeping 16oz cans cool. Which is cool of them.

I have yet to buy one but I will as soon as I have the cash. They are priced at $20 or $23 dollars and seem worth it. It’s just that when I have an extra $20 lying around, it usually goes to new beer and not gadgets. But I’ll get one soon.

Stick With the Basics

If all these sound too much. Just use my basic method of hiding the good beers at the bottom of the cooler and hope for the best.

Actually, the best is having enough money to buy enough good beer for everyone and not worry if it gets wasted on non-beer geeks. A few beers can be spilled in the continuous effect to get people drinking good, Indie Beer.

Feel free to share your tips for hiding the good stuff, by leaving a comment.


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