Beer Drinking Forecast For Friday August 20 – 22nd

This is my first attempt at this that may urn into a regular Friday blog post: Instead of predicting how the weather will be (although the actual weather for me is in the picture above), this is a report on my drinking conditions for this weekend. An attempt to predict what my beer drinking chances are.


FORECAST: Decent to good.

Working the previous Sunday has given way to having Friday off. PLUS, it’s a payday so money to buy beer will not be a concern. This normally leads to wet conditions.

BUT the only issue is I will have to pick up my kid later in the evening, so there will be no drinking early.

Possible downPOUR late in the evening.


FORECAST: Damn nice.

An open day with no plans, past yard-work. Good chance that drinking will start by 3PM with light but regular drinking-swells hitting shore and contuning late into the night.

Possible trip to Tioga Sequoia Brewing to see this:

After that or instead of, Saturday night I MIGHT do a live blog post of my drinking as I try to stay awake to watch whatever SNL rerun is on.



A light day-drinking friendly day with pool-side beers happening in the afternoon. A break in the evening for dinner and family, with drinking picking back up again in the evening as the premier of the final season of the Walking Dead is viewed.

High chance of passing out in front of the TV only watching part of the episode and having to re-watch it later.

Saturday Night Drinking Post: I Have Stayed Home A LOT

It’s nice when staying the hell home gets “rewarded” with a badge.

“Congrats, nerd, you did a lot of drinking at home this year!”

The beer that put me over the top:

Wouldn’t you think this Modern Times & Humble Sea colab would be a Hazy IPA of some sort? Yeah me too.

Except it’s not. It’s a fucking Hazy Pilsner.

I don’t hate it or anything, just not what I was expecting and I think that was on purpose. Sneaky little bastards.

Can You Toast TOO Much On Untappd?

Untappd Toasts

I saw this post on the Untappd Reddit feed and thought it interesting:

Yeah I kinda think this poster either doesn’t really get Untappd or thinks of it as a private thing. Others agreed:

Someone toasting your checkins is fine, it’s one of the reasons you are on the dang app.

The ONLY thing I will say is maybe the toasts of his old check-ins could be a bit excessive. Which prompts the question:

I think there is. If someone is going REALLY way back and toasting every. single. thing. I’m not sure there is any point to that other than wanting to get the person’s attention REAL bad for whatever [horny] reason.

Guess I Only Drink ‘Month-Olds’ From Here On

Love Hazy IPA Pride Beer

This Almanac Beer Co “Love Hazy IPA” is just 68 days old. It tastes way older than that.

It’s normally a good beer (I have had it before), a great brewer, it was stored cold (in the grocery store at least), so, even being a hazy, it should still taste fine.

It doesn’t. It tastes like it’s 6 to 7 months old. I think I am to blame.

I usually don’t have a hazy (or any pale or IPA really, past 30 days). This has ruined me for grocery shelf beer.

Under three months should totally be fine for any beer, but it isn’t for me. I am broke. It’s either start drinking older beers to re-calibrate my palate so I can enjoy beer that isn’t SUPER fresh. Or choose violence and exclusively drink super fresh beers.

I choose violence.

A PLEDGE!: If a hazy is past 31 days, I no longer will buy it.