I Can’t Citra Like I Used To

Citraholic IPA by Beachwood Brewing
I Don’t Want To Stop Being A “Citraholic” (pic by

I don’t know what’s going on with me but I might have started developing a problem with the Citra hop.

What at times has been my favorite hop, has become harsh.

Let’s hope this is just a bad faze. Maybe I can blame someone else because thinking it might be my fault is making me hate myself.

Oh wait, it’s probably because Costco is making Citra hopped beers:

Yeah screw it, I’m putting it on them. Fuck you, Costco for ruining Citra!

Oreo Cookies Have The Same Energy As Craft Beer

Oreo flavors
So many Oreo variants

I don’t know if you have noticed this lately but Oreo Cookies are really into doing one-offs and stunt batches of cookies.

Really drawing parallels to craft breweries.

The brewers putting out different hazzies or desert stouts. Weird experiments and marketing stunts. Oreo is right there with them.

There are so many, including Lady Gaga variants and a 4th Of July themed one with pop rock style candy in it.

I have had these and the 4th of July one is quite interesting.

Popping Candy Oreo – Red White & Blue

I assume there are plenty of Oreo flavored stouts or IPAs out there, I just haven’t seen any.

File under: Drinking & Thinking and cookies.

Ambiant Review: Tioga Sequoia “Bridalveil Lager”

The beer subject: Bridalveil Lager

I am not okay with giving straight reviews of beers. Either reviewing beer bores me or I simply suck at it, or both.

So this is the closest I can come to a beer review. In the roughly 20 minutes it took to drink this, these are some thoughts and things.


  • Name: Bridalveil Lager.
  • Brewer: Tioga Sequoia (Fresno,CA).
  • Style: American Lager.
  • ABV: 4.5%


  • 3:50PM. Fresno. On my patio at a table in my backyard. 94 degrees.
  • Music: “Citizen Erased” by Muse plays in the background.
  • Woah. This beer is easy to drink – I mean that in a good way.
  • I wonder how many people know that Bridalveil Falls is in Yosemite – that can be a very dangerous hike up that trail, super slick.
  • Oh hey, a little breeze. Maybe a 10mph gust.
  • Is Muse an underrated band or are they rated properly and I just haven’t paid attention?
  • Someone odd parked across the street. [inspects]. It appears to be someone looking at the house to rent it.
  • A neighbor with their patio on the other side of the fence from my patio, has come outside. She is arguing with her boyfriend whom is still inside. She is yelling back at him things, I can’t help but overhear. The fight seems to be about a friend of his who is a woman and he was defending her. My neighbor is not okay with the amount of positive talking he is doing about this friend.
  • This is a solid Lager. As crisp as the sky is blue right now.

Thanks for coming to my first Ambient Review of a beer. Here is some Muse for you: