Brewery Speak: Beer Tree Brew Co

Thanks to a post I noticed by @BrianBeerGod on Instagram, I have a new brewery to look out for: Beer Tree Brew Co.

These two beers speak to me:

  • Clickbait.
  • Maps and Books.

Clickbait has a cool name and a hop called Michigan Cooper. I have never heard of this hop before but that name is rad and it makes me want to try it.

Maps and Books. I love the name for a beer. Maps? Cool. Books? Sure.

The whole vibe of this brewery speaks to me.

How I’m going to get their beer since they are in Port Crane, New York? I don’t know, since I don’t trade (too lazy).

But I have hope.

Did I Pay Too Much For This 4 Pack of Beer?: Mixed Pack of Humble Sea Brewing

How much is really too much money for a four-pack of beer?

Let’s say I paid $27.00 for this mixed 4-Pack of Humble Sea beer. …Alright, well, I actually DID pay $27. That’s before taxes and tip.

It’s was from a beer bar/bottle shop in Fresno called Out Of The Barrel. This place is only a couple blocks from my house.

Buying it a the brewery would cost $20. I don’t believe you can mix packs at the brewery. Out Of The Barrel lets you pull from same-four-packs and make your own 4-pack, if you want.

So, I am paying $7 over what I would in Santa Cruz where the Humble Sea taproom is.

Now that leaves us with one question: Did I pay too much for this beer?

Here is what some friends on Twitter think:

Well there you have it. Beer geeks don’t believe I paid too much, that’s all I need to know. I’m guessing anybody else would freak out at the price tag, but they don’t understand.

Rare beer that is really good and close by? Worth the $27.00.